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Across all product groups, male, female and children styles are available. When ordering production, one can choose a product cut, color and size gradation and determine the volume of each size made.


T-shirts are made in different types of neckline, sleeve style and at any configuration of colors of individual components.


Polo shirts are made at specialized production lines that ensure flawless performance and ideal reproducibility. They made be produced with an Allen Soley-type placket, a sewn-on placket, a sewn-in placket or a covered placket of any combination of layer colors, including the layers with a graphic imprint. Piping at placket’s edges may by applied. There is also an option of collars made with color or structural stripes distributed by preference, or jacquard collars.


Hoodies are made as pull over or zipped. The cut, color and internal fabric of the hood are subject to individual preferences. The number, types and distribution of pockets are also selectable.


Sweatshirts are made with a U- or a V-neckline. The neckline may be designed in a ribbed knit fabric, hemmed or with a cut, untrimmed edging. The bottom line may be a sewn ribbing, underlain or left untrimmed. Individual elements of the sweatshirt may come in different colors. There is also an option of adding additional cuts or adding decorative hems.


Different layers of softshell fabrics may be selected by preference and required properties. The external layer of laminates is mostly a polyester woven fabric with elasthan put in warp and weft, finished with a hydrophobic layer, but knitted fabrics made of synthetic fibers may also be applied. The mid-layer is a functional membrane made with polyurethane, polyester, or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). In case of polyester and PTFE membranes, their excellent thermal resilience allow all-surface sublimation imprint without the risk of melting the thermo-active layer and irrecoverable loss of its properties. In addition to thermo-sublimation, the offered softshell products may be decorated using direct to fabric screen printing or die plast, which do not damage membrane structure and preserve their properties.


Polarfleece fabrics used for production come in various weights and finish types. They are used to make thermal clothes, such as underwear, vests, sweatshirts, jackets or pants. The production program comprises fleece garments. Another group of fleece products are mantles for animals, such as horse blankets and bandages, or dog coats.


Shopping bags, sailing bags, textile packaging, gym-bags, advertising or event bags etc. made of woven fabrics or knitted fabrics – cotton, linen, hemp, synthetic, and blends offered at all sized, color and shape. Waterproof end-use finish fabric bags may be made if preferred.


Among offered headwear, there are hats, beanies, caps, hats, bandannas, headscarfs, earmuffs, hood-scarfs, and multifunctional loop-scarfs, made of various types of raw materials.


Scarfs are made with the application of a broad spectrum of raw materials. Scarf size, fabric type, color, finish details and adornment type are subject to individual preferences and determined by recipient.


The gloves on offer capture a number of cuts made of knitted fabrics made on flat band crochet machines, jersey, lining fabrics, fleece, velour, softshell, and quilted materials. On request, gloves may be fitted with special insulating layers, e.g. Thinsulate.


They can be made in any cut. The production program includes dustcoats, kitchen aprons, aprons, chef aprons, medical gowns etc. The selection of fabric, colors and decorations are subject to tailor-made arrangements.