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Raw materials


For the production of our textiles, are used natural fiber, modified natural fiber, synthetic fiber and mixed origin fiber blend fabrics. The natural fibers used for production are, above all, cotton, followed by linen, canopies, hemp, ramie, and, sporadically, animal wool. Among the modified natural fibers, we apply all kinds of viscose, including bamboo shoot viscose. Synthetic fibers include mainly polyesters, polyamides and polyurethanes.


The underlying materials used for production are knitted fabrics, such as jersey, interlock, pique, padding knitted fabrics, polar, or thermo-active knitted fabrics. Some products are made with the use of various woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics and multilayer laminates, including thermo-active membranes.


In case of accessories and additions used at goods production, such as buttons, zips, naps, loops, springs, stoppers, strings, rubbers, bands, trimmings, insets, label and care tags, they can be customized to recipient’s needs and suited to textile nature.