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Textiles are designed and constructed at a dedicated design department. The department is supported by the CAD-CAM system for product design and visualization, patterns preparation, product gradation and optimization of cut layouts.


The organization of production is optimized thanks to a conveyor belt system of in-company transport. The manufacturing processes involve state-of-the-art machines with automated elements improving the quality, reproducibility and efficiency owing to specialist extraequipment. The machine park is continuously modernized which brings about innovation and unique technical solutions, some of which are patented.


Resource management is supervised by an integrated ERP computer system, which captures HR, payroll, accounting, warehouse economy, CRM, design management, sales and ongoing real-time production monitoring services.


Quality is controlled at all production stages. The final quality check is done at a dedicated quality control department. Production materials, semi-finished and finished products are verified based on up-to-date international standards. Recipients may order additionally a quality check of finished products run by an external auditing body.


Products are safe for customers’ health. There are used sustainable technologies limiting the negative impact on the natural environment and we follow quality standards evidenced by relevant certificates issued by independent testing institutions. Materials used in the production processes are often unique in terms of composition, innovative structure and unique performance properties, featuring relevant attestations of their respective producers, entitling to the use of certain trademarks.